We are a New Orleans-based millwork and metalwork shop offering unique design, fabrication, and build services for commercial and residential spaces.  We work with designers, general contractors, and directly with project owners.  Our team of licensed, experienced, and talented craftsmen offer a collaborative approach to problem solving from design to fabrication to install.


When we opened our shop doors in 2011, from the get-go our main goal was to evolve our company into a New Orleans-inspired design/build shop.  We started with digital fabrication and are now a full-service workshop involved with projects on multiple scales, using a variety of techniques and methods in woodworking and metalworking.  We combine traditional techniques with more contemporary methods from our years of experience in custom fabrication and digital design.  From simple hand sketches to detailed shop drawings, we use a lot of the same software that other designers may use, so information translates very well.  Now, not only are we involved with great projects throughout New Orleans, we are also working with clients all over the world. 

Our Mission

To create well-crafted, thoughtful, and inspiring fabrication projects based on our knowledge of the built environment.